The S189 process at the SABC is a mess. A BIG mess. A mess mainly caused by its Human Resources Department.

In what appears to be a race against nothing in particular, the SABC is steamrolling ahead on a collision course.

The notice period for employees have already been postponed with a month, as it was abundantly clear the SABC would not meet its self-set deadline of February 2021.

BEMAWU has warned the SABC on several occasions that it would not be able to implement the new (disputed) structure in the time envisaged by the SABC.

The majority of posts were not advertised by the end of January, and the SABC Human Resources Department was not remotely ready to implement the new structure.

Job evaluations were not done and even as late as the last week of February employees received letters changing their status from so-called surplus to redundant.

This off course is patently unfair.

Employees who received surplus letters were strictly (according to HR of the SABC) only allowed to compete for their own position. If unsuccessful, only then for other advertised positions.

This did not happen.

At the end of February 2021 more than 80 positions that appear on the new structure were not advertised.

This simply means more than 80 employees would be without jobs who could have been placed in vacant positions had the Human Resources Department been doing it’s job.

It is estimated that more than 570 staff would have left the SABC by the end of March 2021. This is 30 short of the threatened 600 and almost 300 more than the target. This excludes the more than 80 positions not advertised.

Positions are now advertised inviting everyone to apply, whilst a number of redundant (and so-called surplus) workers have not been placed.

By opening vacant positions for everyone to apply, employees who are not redundant could possibly be appointed in vacant positions in which redundant employees could have been placed. This is in direct contradiction with S189 that place a duty and obligation on the employer to first accommodate its redundant employees.

In sheer desperation (and obviously unfairly) the SABC has advertised positions on Saturday via email with the deadline to apply set for 3 March 2021. This is three (3) working days only. A clear breach of SABC Policy committed by the same management who dragged employees to court alleging previous management breached recruitment policy.

This simply means for employees not placed in those positions, notice must be April 2021. It also means the new structure will not be implemented by 1 March 2021.

It will be impossible to shortlist, put together a panel and interview all applicants in the short space of time.