Salaries of staff members of the SABC have been reported based on information obtained from the SABC’s Annual Report.

The average salary of a SABC employee has been calculated across the entire organisation, which included the millions per year taken home by executives.

What has been discounted from this mathematical model is the number of years of service of the average employee, which surely must be factored in when doing these kind of calculations. It cannot be that the writers and reporters of the salaries of SABC employees for one moment thought or believed that an employee who just entered a workplace will earn the same as someone being at an organisation for 35 years.

To therefore report that SABC employees earn hundreds of thousands of rands per month without taking factors like years of service, expertise, qualifications and alike into consideration, is simply a repeat of distortion of facts.

The entry level salary for an employee at the SABC is a mere R11 474 per month.  The average salary for the lowest level employee is R11 924,25 per month.

The salary of a gardener on average is R5 375 per month.

An office administrator in the Broadcasting Industry earns R218 000 per annum.

The top respondents for the job title Office Administrator are from the companies Nedbank, Sanlam and FNB.

Reported salaries are highest at FNB where the average pay is R222,828. Other companies that offer high salaries for this role include Silica and Absa, earning around R204,401 and R194,283, respectively. EOH pays the lowest at around R127,992. Sanlam and Discovery Holdings also pay on the lower end of the scale, paying R130,000 and R131,800, respectively.

According to Salary Explorer, in 2017 the average annual salary in South Africa is R337,000 before taxes – or just over R28,000 a month.

The SABC is on record, saying most of its work is being done by people on scale code 401. (Page 66 of its presentation to staff). People on this level are mostly professional broadcasters and highly skilled staff.

The entry level salaries of the most important segment of the workforce, where according to the SABC most of the work are done, are more or less the same as what the average South African earned three years ago.


In an attempt to blame staff for the financial situation the SABC finds itself in, the COO, Ian Plaatjes publicly said, when the Board asked employees to return the 6% increase, staff refused.

According to the SABC’s financial statements, apart from the 16% more the chairperson of the Board took home, the Executives received a 5% increase.

This is how the TCTC (Total Cost to Company) is distributed. Pretty obvious where the problem lies.

It is also pretty obvious what happened to staff levels at the SABC since 2013.

The important question that maybe must be asked is, did the Board also demand from its Executives to return the 5% increase?

If the Board did, we know what the answer was.

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