When the 2020 consultation process in terms of S189 started, the first facilitated meeting under the auspices of the CCMA could not proceed due to technical issues with the SABC’s equipment.

Also in that meeting not all parties were present.

On 7 August 2020 a bilateral meeting took place.

Previously it was agreed –  as was confirmed by the SABC in this recording –  that only after the structure was presented to the meeting, questions about the structure may be asked.

The structures by then was already presented to staff, parallel to the S189 process. We raised our concerns about the process, as structures cannot be presented in meetings to which we have not been invited to, and therefore have no idea what was discussed, agreed and presented.

The SABC agreed to follow a different route, which was to present rationale, then structure in the S189 meetings, and then allow for consulting parties to consult members, present (the latest) structures, not the ones sent which has changed, get input and mandate and return to the meeting to further consult. It was the understanding divisional heads would be available to clarify issues to staff, once we get to present and discuss structures with staff. 

Purely from a logical point of view, why would everyone from labour have the same understanding, if this was not what was agreed?

Further recordings will be made available to confirm that structures presented to the S189 meeting on 12 and 16 October 2020 for the first time, differed from those that was presented to staff. The SABC explaining this difference to be that input from staff were taken into account.

The agreement was, as per the previous recording from the same meeting that after presentation of rationale and structure, AND WE HAVE AGREED ON THE STRUCTURE, we will further consult (in that meeting) as to how apply the skills audit in a fair way to redeploy staff, and then furthermore to consult on selection criteria.

We know now,  this further consultation never happened.

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