On 7 August 2020, in a bilateral meeting with the SABC, the GE: Human Resources, Dr. Mosia proposed, and we  AGREED that:

  1. There is duty to redeploy staff first, before issuing dismissal letters.
  2. The bilateral forum will collectively develop a proposal (here, which means in the meeting) how to best populate the structure in a fair and equitable manner.

This never happened.

Instead of redeploying staff, they were dismissed.

Instead of collectively developed a proposal as to how to populate the structure and how to redeploy staff, Ian Plaatjes announced on 16 October 2020 he is terminating the consultation process, and will not further consult.

Now, with a strike in progress and a pending urgent court application, with massive reputational damage to the SABC, it was agreed to further consult.

What consequence management will follow?

In the same meeting when unions attempt to discuss the structure, they were stopped by the GE:HR and told to NOT discuss structure in the meeting, but only do so after the structure has been presented.

It is common cause the structure was only presented for the first time on 12 October 2020 and then on the 16th of October, when Plaatjes decided to stop the consultation process.


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