The allegation made in Parliament yesterday (13 November 2018) by members of the SABC’s Board and Executive Management that staff are “up in arms” because they no longer get biscuits at work is void of all truth, disrespectful, insensitive and is rejected with the contempt it deserves.

To allege staff members, in the face of retrenchments, are up in arms because they no longer get biscuits at work, suggests SABC staff does not appreciate and realize their own dire situation and the financial crisis the SABC finds itself in – a situation solely caused by previous Boards who failed to exercise its fiduciary/oversight duties.

It is extremely insensitive and disrespectful to portray SABC employees in this manner.

It furthermore creates an impression the Board is asking for a bailout to inter alia buy biscuits for “up in arms” employees.

The truth is, biscuits have been stopped a number of years ago for staff. Only senior management and executives received biscuits in any event.

No wonder the SABC is battling to secure funding, as nobody will take them serious, with such irresponsible statements.

The SABC Board and Executive owes SABC employees a public apology.

The Board furthermore must immediately set the record straight and inform Parliament about this inaccurate information presented to them.


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