The Honourable Minister of Communications

The Chairperson of the SABC Board

The CEO of the SABC

The People of South Africa

1. Whereas the Portfolio Committee on Communications, duly appointed by our democratic Parliament to nominate, interview and oversee the Board of the SABC;

2. and the so duly appointed Board, acting as non-executive directors of the SABC responsible and accountable to recruit, interview and appoint the executive directors of the SABC – the Chief Executive Officer, as the responsible accounting officer of the SABC in terms of the Public Finance Management Act, the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Financial Officer,

3. and the so duly appointed executive directors of the SABC responsible and accountable to recruit, interview and appoint suitably qualified co-directors and executive management of the SABC

has all dismally failed in their fiduciary duties

– to ensure a Public Broadcaster free of political interference,

– to ensure that suitably qualified people be appointed in key positions at the SABC,

– to exercise due care and oversight over the affairs of the SABC

4. As a result, the SABC plunged into one scandal after the other, and with very little or no internal controls, no or little suitably qualified managers in executive positions and a culture of fear and intimidation, it became technically insolvent.

5. These signs were evident and we raised it and complained about it over the past 10 years. We were ignored.

6. Calls from members on the Committee were ignored and only when 8 journalists were dismissed, and the world turned its attention to the SABC, action followed.

7. Employees are required to follow orders and instructions, and those who opposed, were purged, fired and victimized.

8. Some, like Suna Venter paid with her life.

9. For the entire duration where one scandal after he other engulfed the SABC, and boards and executives shamed the image of the SABC ordinary employees of the SABC lowered their heads, not only in shame, but to continue to do their jobs – keeping the SABC afloat and broadcasting, on auto pilot.

10. The previous ministers, portfolio committee members, boards and executives must now be held accountable for the mess the SABC finds itself in.

11. But in main, the Government, and its deployed politicians at the SABC must answer.

12. It is patently unfair, inhumane and inappropriate to now want to punish loyal and devoted employees by butchering them and put them out in the streets whilst they have done nothing wrong.

13. We therefore call on the Government and Parliament to:

1. Instruct the SABC to stop with this senseless process of retrenching innocent hardworking, loyal and devoted employees,

2. Appoint a task team to turn around the SABC, with FULL involvement of each and every employee,

3. To investigate, properly new revenue streams at the SABC, in order to increase the SABC’s revenue,

4. To put in place proper measures of control to prevent fruitless and wasteful and unauthorized expenditure.

5. And to provide the SABC not only with a bail out, but to fully fund it as a Public Broadcaster, on the basis that the SABC must comply with its license conditions which prohibits it, and makes it very difficult if not impossible to compete with fully commercial broadcasters.

Presented on this, the 9th day of November 2018, by full mandate of the National Executive and Shop Stewards of BEMAWU.

One thought on “MEMORANDUM TO SABC

  1. Raeesa Mahomed says:

    I have to salute whoever wrote this. It is a beautifully clear and concise account of everything that is wrong at the public broadcaster and an insightful demand of the remedies required. But more than that, it is a clarion call from the soul of every employee who has had to bear the brunt of shocking leadership for far too long. It is a heartfelt roar that enough is enough. Will anybody listen now at least. Is there anyone sitting up there who has what it takes to listen and act???

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