The Acting Group Chief Executive

Ms Nomsa Philiso




Dear Madam,

We write this letter to you with sincere and extreme urgency, with the hope and belief you would be able to address, with the same urgency our concerns and demands.

The SABC has been plagued by bad management, bad managerial decisions costing the Public Broadcaster a deficit of more than a Billion Rand, bad publicity caused by the Board, Chairperson of the Board and Top Management.

We have been subjected to management by threats and fear, unilateral restructurings, change of work practices and shift roster, appointments without advertising positions and a zero-percentage increase.

Most of the enforcers who was responsible for the Protest Policy and the subsequent dismissal of the SABC journalists opposed to this are still employed, at lucrative salaries at the SABC. For them its business as usual, and they have escaped justice.

To the contrary, employees who has done nothing wrong and always served the SABC with diligence and loyalty, were kicked out by not renewing their contracts.

As you are acutely aware, these issues are of extreme discomfort, concern and unhappiness to employees at the SABC.

BEMAWU and other employees has brought these issues to the attention of Parliament and Management, and there seems to be no progress, commitment or will to address and resolve these issues.

In the meantime, the SABC is slipping deeper into insolvency, to the extent that it endangers the employment, wellbeing, and health of our members.

It is our view the SABC is still captured by politicians – more than ever – and we cannot sit back to allow this to happen.

Employees at the SABC have not received a salary increase, and rumours are rife our contractual 13th Cheques are in danger and may not be paid on 1 December.

We therefore demand the following:

  1. The immediate appointment of the Board already selected and recommended by Parliament,
  2. The immediate suspension of all the enforcers of the Protest Policy which resulted in the dismissal of the SABC 8, to wit
    • Kenneth Makatees,
    • Nothando Maseko,
    • Nyana Molete,
    • Sebolelo Ditlhakanyane,
  3. Furthermore, all the unprocedurally appointed managers and/or people who supported the system to either enforce the Protest Policy, contributed to the poor financial position of the SABC, defending same publicly or legally, neglect to act when policies and procedures were not followed, and did not report irregularities when they became aware of same:
    • Tshifhiwa Mulaudzi – GE, Sales & Marketing clearly not competent to motivate the Sales Teams
    • Abdul Matthee – Responsible for the loss in Millions due to the Landmark system
    • Keobokile Mosweu
    • Sizwe Vilikazi
    • Bessie Tugwana
    • Tseliso Ralitabo
    • Ayanda Mkhize
    • Theresa Geldenhuys
  4. The status quo in respect of structural changes, work patterns and hours of employees, in particular in News, until a new Board is in office, and employees be properly consulted,
  5. The full and unconditional restoration of the merger between Henley and News, with no change in reporting lines and work practices, without full and proper consultation with employees, and only after a new Board has been appointed,
  6. A salary increase of 10% across the board, backdated to April 2017.
  7. The appointment of all workers previously on Fixed Term Contracts at News, whose contracts has not been renewed as Fixed Term, but as Freelance Contracts, or not at all.
  8. The removal of Kenneth Makatees as Acting Head of News, to be replaced by a non-enforcer nominated from the competent News Staff in Johannesburg,
  9. The redeployment of Themba Mathonsi to a different department, where he is not required to work with subordinates, as he is unfit to manage employees. Employees are tired of his Gestapo style of management.
  10. We demand a full investigation regarding the protest policy and the report should be made public.
  11. An investigation at SABC Sport in respect of the non-renewal of contracts, the redeployment of admin people in operational roles under disguise to develop them, the appointment of freelancers to act in permanent positions.
  12. An investigation into the appointment of Bessie Tugwana as the Acting COO, in particular as she has reached retirement age, and allegations of her employing friends.
  13. The renewal of the contract of Keobokile Mosweu, an alleged enforcer of Motsoeneng to be investigated and reversed.

Should these demands not be met in seven (7) days, excluding the unilateral change to the shift roster of News Staff, from date of this letter, Labour will file a dispute and ballot its members to seek a mandate for a protected strike.

In respect of the unilateral change to shift patterns and working conditions, a separate letter will follow.

We await your most urgent response.


Organised Labour at the SABC




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