The 13th Cheques of members are contractually safe. There is no way the SABC cannot pay the contractually agreed to 13th cheques of staff.

Here is the relavant part of the Policy


4.1. All eligible permanent employees on scale code 407 to 300 who have had unbroken service
between 01 January to 31 December of a particular year, qualify for a full annual bonus (13th
4.2. Employees who have completed less than twelve (12) months service will receive a pro
rata bonus (13th cheque).
4.3. No bonus will be paid to casual/temporary staff (900 contracts), interns, learners,
independent contractors and anyone who works part-time.
4.4. Annual bonus is based on the employee’s basic monthly salary of end November or the preceding
basic monthly salary of employee’s termination date.
4.5. The bonus is non-pensionable but fully taxable.
4.6. Employees who terminate their services during the year receive a pro rata bonus.
4.7. Bonuses are payable in the first week of December, and are paid into the bank accounts of
members of staff
4.8. Eligible Fixed Term Contract Employees on these scale codes will also qualify in terms of the
above criteria.
4.9. 13th cheques for employees who took more than 30 days of unpaid leave
during the year may be reduced proportionately.




SABC posts R977m loss in 2016/17The SABC posted a R977m loss after tax for the 2016/17 financial year, its annual report tabled in Parliament on Tuesday revealed.

The public broadcaster’s net loss for the year ending March 2017 more than doubled from R412m in 2016, following a year of upheaval that included the dissolution of the previous permanent board in late 2016.

Revenue declined from R8.1bn in 2016 to R7.6bn, representing a 6% year-on-year decrease.

Advertising also dropped 5% to R5.6bn, in a year that saw former chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng implement the 90% local content policy.

Sponsorship revenue declined by 18% to R384m, while TV licence revenue decreased 7% to R915m.

Operational expenses remained the same at R8.6bn.

The report also said that the SABC had a cash balance of R82m, representing a net outflow of R800m since the previous year.

“The fact that operational cash was used to fund capital expenditure projects, the cost of delivering on broadcaster’s public service mandate and the rising cost of sports rights contribute to the pressure being placed on the organisation’s cash reserves,” the report reads.



BEMAWU condemns in the strongest terms the coward attacks of union leadership in a free and democratic South Africa.

We mourn the deaths and attacks in solidarity, comrades. A luta continua!


It is with absolute outrage and grief that we mark the killing of one of our members from Impala Platinum and the shooting of another AMCU shop-steward at Lonmin. Today, comrade, Mohahu Daniel Maseko was shot dead, riddled with 5 bullets and comrade Kwenene was attacked by two (2) assassins, one with a shot gun and another with a pistol; he has been rushed to hospital. Our prayers are with him as he battles for his life. Our grief is with the family and loved ones of comrade Maseko. We send our heartfelt condolences.

The painful journey begins to go to the mortuary identify our dead comrade, inform family and loved ones, prepare for the funeral. These acts of violence have to be condemned by all, not just the union leadership of which they belong.

The workers movement must unite against this campaign of violence which will eventually see the death of the entire labour movement. We must fight for peace amongst workers, regardless of language, colour, political or union affiliation. As AMCU we will not rest until this campaign of violence is defeated.

We again do not wish to speculate on the motive for the attempted murder of our comrade. The SAPS must investigate and bring the perpetrators to book. However, the world must know things are getting out of control. It seems to us that something more sinister is afoot.

This looks very much like the third force violence the Apartheid state unleashed on the democratic and workers movement during the negotiations for a political settlement.

We know through the testimony and settlement by the state with Thebe Maswabi, of the security forces involvement in destabilizing AMCU. Having failed to set up a rival union, having failed at reviving NUM and restoring their majority status – is targeting and killing our members their next move?

Is the aim to turn workers on workers – a new form of black-on-black violence to break the militancy of AMCU. We shall not be intimidated. We will unite mineworkers and mobilize in mass action to stop the killings and the violence.

Those that think AMCU can be defeated by these cowardly acts must think again. If it takes another five months strike, if it takes the bringing of the country to its knees to get the authorities to arrest the situation and for mine management to take the safety of the workers seriously – so be it. Those behind these acts are playing with fire. Be assured AMCU will not fold its arms in the face of this systematic onslaught against us.

An injury to one is an injury to all.

Yours in Social Justice

JV Mathunjwa
AMCU President



The above matter and your correspondence dated 15 September 2017 bears reference
Please be advised that whilst our notice of consultation sent to you on 14 September 2017 was not given pursuant to rany contsmplstlon for dlsmissals based on operatlonal requirements, we however, confirm that It was not a section189 notice.
We further wish to advise that the merger or otherwise In question will be put in abeyance so as to allow for collaborative engagement with all relevant stakeholders lncludlng yourselves, and to this end the intended consultation as per the dates suggested in our letter of 14 September 2017 will not proceed,
Therefore the two cited departments will continue to function and operate Independent of each other until such time that thorough engagements and consultation have taken place.
Should you require any further information In this regard please do not hesitate to contact the writer hereof.

Merger Reversal LETTER



MTI news merger BEMAWU letter.pdf



BEMAWU todat received notification of a consultation meeting to merge MTI and News.

We are in process of responding to the SABC’s request and will post our reply here. We will demand that the changes already effected be reversed as per S189 of the LRA.

We will duly consult all members and we are looking for volunteers to assist us in this process.

If you are an employee affected by this merger, tell us what you think. Post your comment here under.

Here is the SABC’s letter.





The Labour Court today ordered the former COO of the SABC, Mr Hlaudi Motsoeneng, the former Group Executive of News, Mr Simon Tebele and the SABC to jointly pay BEMAWU’s legal cost in defending the dismissal of three of the SABC 7 in July 2016.

The SABC 8 (seven were employees) were dismissed in July 2016 after they questioned the unlawful Protest Policy originated and championed by Hlaudi Motsoeneng, supported by the then SABC Board and enforced by Tebele, Maseko, Ditlahakanyane and Molete.

Seven of the 8 journalists were reinstated after an urgent application were brought by both BEMAWU and Solidarity.

This cost order is a victory for in particular public service employees and parastatals , who previously were up against the money powers of the state and corporations who could out-litigate them.

Officials can be held liable in person for patently wrong and unlawful decisions.




BEMAWU’s application for cost against former COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng and former GE, NEWS Simon Tebele was heard in the Labour Court on Wednesday, 6 September 2017.

The cost order against the two and the SABC have already been granted in principle, and they were directed to file affidavits as to why they should not be held liable personally for the legal cost of BEMAWU.

The SABC 8 were dismissed in July 2016 after they questioned the unlawful Protest Policy originated and championed by Hlaudi Motsoeneng, supported by the then SABC Board and enforced by Tebele, Maseko, Ditlahakanyane and Molete.

Seven of the 8 journalists were reinstated after an urgent application were brought by both BEMAWU and Solidarity.

To express the court’s displeasure with the manner in which the dismissals took place an punitive cost order were granted against the SABC and others responsible for the dismissal of the 8 journalists. The court directed the SABC to identify the individuals so responsible, and ordered those identified  to file affidavits as to why they should not be held responsible for the cost of the applications.

The SABC identified Simon Tebele as the culprit, but an application was brought to join Hlaudi Motsoeneng as a Respondent due to overwhelming evidence pointing at him as the actual person responsible for the dismissals.

The SABC argued on Wednesday Tebele and Motsoeneng must be held solely responsible for the cost, and submitted if the SABC is liable, it should only be for 10% of the cost.

Motsoeneng’s lawyer differed, and argued Tebele and Jimmy Matthews must be held liable jointly with the SABC.

Tebele’s lawyer agreed with BEMAWU’s submission that Motsoeneng must be held liable. Tebele said he signed the dismissals after so instructed by Matthews. However, at the time of the dismissals, Matthews has already left the SABC.

On Monday 12 December 2016 members of the SABC 8 testified before Parliament.

Lukhanyo Calata gave details of instructions that disregarded journalistic principles. This he said came from, among others, Simon Tebele, Nothando Maseko and Nyana Molete.

Calata was dismissed by letter and no hearing  on 18 July 2016 by Nyana Molete, who was the acting general manager of News at the time.

SAFM Current Affairs Executive Producer, Krivani Pillay, has told Parliament’s ad hoc committee into the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) how Hlaudi Motsoeneng and former acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jimi Matthews told journalists to toe the line or leave the public broadcaster.

Pillay was one of four witnesses testifying on behalf of the so-called “SABC 8”.

Pillay recounted how RSG Executive Producer, Foeta Kriege, challenged Motsoeneng to prove that the broadcasting of violent protests was a catalyst for more destruction of property.

Pillay says Head of Radio News, Sebolelo Ditlhakanyane, also attended the meeting.

Pillay outlines how Motsoeneng responded to Kriege – with the backing of Matthews: “This was Mr Motsoeneng’s reply and I quote, “You must defend the organisation; no journalist is independent. The COO has final responsibility of news. If people do not adhere, we get rid of them. We cannot dare question management”.

What really surprised us was the respond we got from Mr Jimi Matthews. He said, “It’s cold outside. If you don’t like it, you have got two choices: the door or the window,” explained Pillay.

SABC acting head of news Simon Tebele was fingered alongside Motsoeneng for firing the eight SABC employees and was brought to court to be held personally liable for the costs of the case that saw the journalists reinstated. In a previous affidavit, Tebele said he signed the dismissals after former SABC CEO Jimi Matthews gave him a directive. The SABC employees had spoken out against the policy not to cover protests and were side-lined for their views.

In court on Wednesday, Tebele’s lawyer, Paul Pio, told the court to disregard that affidavit. He said there is “substantial evidence that overwhelmingly suggests Motsoeneng was responsible for the dismissal”.

Despite his client’s previous affidavit, and the chance he could be held accountable for previously lying to the court, Tebele’s representative was adamant that Motsoeneng should in the main pay the legal costs for the SABC journalists who were fired.

Tebele has since left the SABC.

However, Maseko, Molete and Ditlhakanyane are still employed by the SABC.

Judgement has been reserved for Friday, 8 September at 10:00.

Some media reports:,-Tebele-to-pay-90-of-SABC-8-legal-costs-20170906