Facilitator suggested third week in Jan



5 October 2016

The Broadcasting, Electronic, Media & Allied Workers Union (BEMAWU) has followed with interest the Communications Portfolio Committee meeting today.

It has become a trend for SABC’s Boards to end up in the chambers of Parliament and be scolded for maladministration, lack of corporate governance and misconduct. It has become a trend for Board members to come to Portfolio meetings and tender, in full view, in a dramatic manner and on National TV their resignations – too late.

By working of the resignation of the two Board members the SABC Board is now no longer functional and cannot make any decisions. It has no quorum.

It is not only the Board that must go – all other unlawfully and unprocedurally appointees must also be removed.

There should then be an inquiry looking into all procurement processes, the appointment of consultants and the payment of bonuses.

The SABC must be cleansed as a matter of urgency. Executives on pension must be on pension, not filling positions simply because they can be manipulated.  Monies must be recovered from individuals involved in fruitless and wasteful expenditure.

The SABC must become a true public broadcaster, rolling out Provincial broadcasting, and take news to the people from the people. Citizen journalists should be utilised and allowed to participate in the news network of the SABC by providing, via modern technology news from everywhere as it happens and when it happens.

The Head of News has been appointed unprocedurally and unlawfully by unlawfully and unprocedurally appointed people. He must be removed and replaced by a competent and reputable person who is suitably qualified via an open and transparent public process.

The Human Resources unit at the SABC must be cleansed, and an urgent process must be put in place to address the numerous Human Resources issues like no career paths, no promotion, no advancement and no recognition for years of service in terms of promotion. The vast majority of SABC staff have been employed for periods up to 25 years without any prospects of promotion or upward movement.

The middle management issues must be addressed on an urgent basis.

We welcome an interim board and we will support any Board coming to the SABC to do the right things, and follow the correct and fair processes.

Tsamaya hantle, Mchana!

Hannes du Buisson



Facilitator suggested third week in Jan



c/o The Company Secretary


Auckland Park


For Attention: Ms Theresa Geldenhuys (geldenhuystv@sabc.co.za)



The Group Chief Executive


Auckland Park


For attention: Mr James Aguma (agumajr@sabc.co.za)



The Group Executive

Group Human Resources


Auckland Park


For attention: Mr Mohlolo Lephaka (lephakam@sabc.co.za)




Dear Sirs,


We have noted with extreme concern, the appointment of Mr Motsoeneng as the GE, Corporate Affairs without the position being advertised as is required by inter alia the Recruitment Policy of the SABC and the alleged payment of a bonus or bonuses to Mr Motsoeneng of R11.4 million as reported by the media.


We request that you provide us – on an urgent basis – and no later than Wednesday, 5 October 2016 at 12:00 with the following information:


1. Was the position of GE: Corporate Affairs advertised?

2. If so, where and when and who applied for the position?

3. If not, why not?

4. Does Mr Motsoeneng hold a tertiary qualification, and if so, what qualification and where and when did he obtain it?  

5. Was Mr Motsoeneng paid a bonus or bonuses in the past three (3) months?

6. If so, on what basis was he paid a bonus or bonuses?

7. What amount was he paid as a bonus or bonuses?

8. When was he paid the bonus or bonuses?

9. What criteria was used to award him the bonus or bonuses?

10. Where does this criteria derived from?

11. Who else was paid a bonus or bonuses?

12. What process was followed to request and approve this bonus or bonuses?

13. Who requested the bonus or bonuses for Mr Motsoeneng and in what capacity?

14. Who recommended the bonus or bonuses for Mr Motsoeneng and in what capacity?

15. Who approved the bonus or bonuses for Mr Motsoeneng and in what capacity?

16. Was the bonus or bonuses paid to Mr Motsoeneng split in two or more payments in an attempt to circumvent the approval processes?

17. Can other employees also apply for, and earn such enormous bonuses, if not why not and if so, how do they go about to apply?

18. Then in terms of the Public Protector’s Report “When Governance and Ethics Fail” (REPORT NO 23 OF 2013/2014):

a. Did the Board recover any monies from any persons in compliance with paragraph (C) (1) of the recommendations of this report?

                                    i. If not, why not?

                                  ii. If so, provide a list of people, amounts and dates these monies were recovered.

b. Did the Board take appropriate disciplinary action against Mr Motsoeneng for :

                                    i. his abuse of power and improper conduct in the appointments and salary increments of Ms Sully Motsweni,

                                  ii. his role in purging senior staff members, resulting in numerous labour disputes and settlement awards against the SABC, and if so when and what was the outcome, if not, why not?

c. Did the Board take disciplinary action against Ms Lulama Mokhobo for her improper conduct in the approval of the salary increment of Mr Motsoeneng, if so when, and if not, why not?

d. Did the Board recover the expenditure from the appropriate persons in respect of the irregular salary increments of Mr Motsoeneng, Ms Motsweni, Ms Khumalo and the freelancers?

                                    i. If so, how much money was recovered, from whom and when?

                                  ii. If not, why not?

e. What action was taken, if any to ensure that the Board takes strict and collective responsibility and working as a collective and not against each other?

f. Was a public apology issued to Ms Ntombela-Nzimandi, Ms Charlotte Mampane and the other former SABC employees who suffered prejudice as a result of the Board and Management’s maladministration involving the failure to handle the administration of its affairs in accordance with the laws, corporate policies and principles of corporate governance?

                                    i. If so, when?

                                  ii. If not, why not?

g. What action was taken to review HR processes pertaining to creation of new posts, appointments and salary scales and progressions, when was it taken, and if none, why have no action been taken?


We await your most urgent reply.




Hannes du Buisson