Midpoint Checker


Check whether you are on midpoint!
Enter your scale code and BASIC SALARY (First line on payslip, left side). It must EXCLUDE housing and other allowances.(If this does not work, go here to submit your details. We will check and let you know.

If you are below the midpoint, please also submit your details here to ensure you are included in the excercise.

Calculation is subject to ratification.

11 thoughts on “Midpoint Checker

    • Magda Nagel says:

      Good day

      Thank you for the opportunity to raise my dismay.
      Owing to this ‘Midpoint checker’ I find that, I am not worth a R1,000.00 a year to the SABC!
      I will be working 26 Years for the SABC, and I am not even earning R26,000.! What a disgrace

    • Khayalethu Khoza says:

      Good evenings
      I’m a TX scheduler and my problem is, when they made us to sign these job profiling they came with two scale code 403 & 402 but when we ask how come there is two scale code, who are sitting on 402 and what we must do to qualify for 402 since we thought all TX schedulers are on 403 . there was no answer, they only ask to go check with Hr and come back but they never did.
      so can you please ask for us what’s happening with TX schedulers scale codes

      thank you

  1. ralph says:

    I did my midpoint check my point is why is there no effort to adjust my scale I have been on scale 405 for the last 30 years and haver been with the company for 45 years.

  2. Lettie Erasmus says:

    Good Morning,
    When I look at my calculations ?????? Working on this 403 scale since 2001??? Why or what is the reason/s for not moving to a 402 scale.???

    Kind Regards,

  3. Eunice Horne says:

    My sentiments to Lettie’s communiqué above been an employee for 16 years; have only been recently upgraded (Feb 2015 from Scale 405; to Scale 403); gather some of my incumbents are on a higher scale 402/401 ……’prejudice’?

    Eunice Horne

  4. Lesley says:

    Good Day,

    For how long must a person have to be on same scale code for so long. Being at SABC for 21 years but still having mid point issue, I rest my case.

  5. Jerome Burke says:


    I’m an EVS operator in the WC region. My salary is not on parr with my peers in JHB . Whats the reason for this, I dont want to retire on scale code 404.

    J D Burke

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