This is a page dedicated to our brave journalists who stood up for democracy, freedom of expression and the right of all South Africans to know what really is happening in our beloved country. 

Principled employees who openly defied their employer, and refused to adhere to a policy, which would impact the dissemination of news, engineered by Zuma loyalists on the SABC Board and in executive management.

8 SABC employees, who refused to stand by and watch the public broadcaster fail in its mandate, by allowing the SABC to lie to the people of South Africa and hide from them the truth of a country literally in flames at the time.

During the time of their dismissal, the hashtag #notinourname first appeared on social media.

To advance and promote the principles which the SABC 8 stood for, this page will closely monitor the free flow of news at the SABC and report on any editorial interference.

SABC employees are encouraged to report ANY attempt by politicians, the board, management of the SABC, or government to interfere with, or influence the news of the day.

WEDNESDAY, 8 November 2017

‘An order has been issued to all news desks, to run with a story that comes from the board, about the appointment of the top three. This is a story that happened yesterday. So it’s old news. Right now, I am looking at our lineup and there is a note for all desks to use the story. Hlaudi used to do that, interfere with news. And it’s happening again.’