Given that COVID-19 update did not take place last week, management wishes to advise you of the intention to communicate via Corp Comm’s that manual screening will replace the app whilst BIT is still reviewing the app.

This is critical as COVID-19 daily screening is a legal requirement and it forms part of Public Health Emergency response.

It is regulated by DOH Guideline and all employers are expected to fully comply.

To ensure health and safety of all the SABC employees and to fully comply with COVID-19 Health regulations, the SABC will thus request all employees to complete the attached manual questionnaire daily and hand it over after the temperature screening at the security entrances.

Daily symptom screening is important in the management of COVID-19 and prevention of transmission.

The forms will be available at the entrances and employees can print and complete the daily form.

The manual forms will be filed at the SABC wellness and the DOH has outlined the submission of health data.

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