Another blood nose in court, another cost order against the SABC! 

On 16 August 2019 the Labour Court dismissed an urgent application by the SABC attempting to set aside subpoenas issued to inter alia the GCEO and CFO of the SABC to testify in a CCMA hearing.

The Labour Court awarded cost against the SABC.

Judge Andre van Niekerk ruled in favor of Ayanna Mkhize who was dismissed on the 17th of October 2018.

In his brief judgement van Niekerk said there is no provision in the LRA or any other legislation that confers a general jurisdiction on the Labour court to supervise the manner in which the CCMA exercises  its statutory powers. He dismissed the SABC’s contention that dismissed employees could subpoena witnesses to harass them.

‘He furthermore found that the application by the SABC was not supported by a proper legal basis to set aside the subpoenas.

How much more money will be spent on senseless litigation whilst the SABC Ship continues to sink?

Copy of judgement here

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