BEMAWU met with the SABC today in a second unsuccessful attempt to start consultations in terms of S189A of the Labour Relations Act.

At the first unsuccessful meeting the defective S189 was withdrawn, and the CEO, Mr Madoda Mxaxwe made certain undertakings, which did not realize.

Regional representation was not arranged by the SABC for all participants, and we did not receive the information promised by Mr Mxaxwe.

After a short sitting today, where these points were raised, the meeting adjourned and it was agreed today’s meeting is also not a consultation meeting,

The CCMA Comissioner, Mr Ally confirmed this.

Consultation will start at the next meeting, scheduled for 12/13 December 2018. It was agreed the period 12 December 2018 to 8 January 2019 when employees are on leave and the CCMA is in recess, will be regarded as non-dias (days not counting).

Information shared with us will be made available in due course and we want each and every member to scrutinise all information. In particular where the SABC is of the view staff must be reduced, but in fact there are vacancies and staff working overtime, or the SABC is using freelancers to do the work.

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