Sent: Thursday, November 8, 2018 3:56 AM
To: Jonathan Thekiso; Sello Xama

Dear Sirs,

In contemplation of the S189 meeting scheduled for 13 November 2018 at the CCMA, we require inter alia the following information by not later than close of business, Friday 9 November 2018.

1.   How many senior and executive management are on:

  •  Partially subsidized car schemes?
  •  Fully subsidized car schemes?
  • A car scheme where the SABC pay for all petrol and maintenance, including petrol to travel from home to work?

2.    The annual cost to the corporation for each of the above?

3.   The cost of the so-called Sparkle programme, who commissioned it and why it was stopped?

4.    The number of positions advertised in the past 12 months?

  • the title of each position?
  • the scale code of each position?
  •  whether it is a new or existing position?
  • whether someone acted in the position, and if so, for how long?
  •  whether it is regarded as a critical position, and why?

5.   The 981 names/positions identified in the S189 notice?

  • how (method used) were they identified,
  • who identified it,
  •  what the cost saving would be to the SABC?

6.    A list of all the consultants currently employed by the SABC?

  • Why they have been employed?
  • The cost of each consultant to the SABC?
  • The start and end date of each contract?

7.   The number of employees in acting positions?

  • The amount paid per month in Acting allowances?
  •  The position every employee is acting in and whether that employee is still performing his/her own job?
  •  Whether each employee meets the basic requirements for the position he/she is acting in?
  • How long each employee has been acting in each position?
  • How many of these acting employees are required to travel and need accommodation to perform the Acting?
  • What is the travel and accommodation arrangement for each acting position?
  •  What is the cost involved in each instance?

8.    The number of overtime hours worked by staff in the last 12 months, per month?

  • the amount paid out in overtime for the same period, per month?

9.    The number of employees appointed in the past 12 months?

  •  The name of each position?
  •  Appointment date?
  • Scale code?
  •  Whether it’s a new of existing position?
  •  The date of each appointment?
  •  Whether it’s a permanent or fixed term contract?

10.   The number of independent contractors appointed/contracts signed in the past 12 months?

  • Each position?
  •  Appointment date?
  • Independent contractor’s fee for each position?
  • Duration of each agreement?
  • Whether it’s a new or existing position?
  • The accumulated cost per annum of all the independent Contractors so appointed?

11.    The number of fixed term contractors employed by the SABC?

  •  The name of each position?
  • The scale code of each position?
  • The number of contracts and successive contracts for each employee so appointed?
  • The dates and duration of each contract?
  • The termination date of each contract?
  • Whether and which contracts, if any will be renewed?

12.   The number of Human Resources employees employed by the SABC?

  • The designation of each employee?
  • The scale code of each?
  • The area of responsibility of each?
  • The appointment date of each?

13.   The Senior/Executive Management training currently in progress, as follows:

  •  How many employees on Senior and Executive Level is currently on training?
  •  At which institution?
  •  What is the name of the specific training?
  •  What is the cost involved for each?
  •  Does it include traveling abroad?
  •  What is the cost involved in travel and accommodation for each employee?

14.  What, if anything at all has been done by management to identify the loss of revenue?

15.  What is the value of credit notes issued by the SABC in the past 24 months,

  • The details of each transaction,
  • The reason for each credit note?

16.  Provide evidence and detail of each and every initiative and attempt by management to:

  •  Increase the revenue of the SABC in the past 12 months,
  •  Bring back advertisers who left the SABC,
  •  Restore the damage caused by the 90/10 decision,
  •  Attract new business that will generate more revenue?
  •  Explore new revenue streams

17.  The SWOT and PEST analysis that was done by the SABC prior to embarking on this S189 process.

18.  Any and all documentation/information the SABC intends to rely on during the contemplated S189 process.

We have requested some of this information previously, which was simply ignored by yourself. We require inter alia the above information to meaningful consult with the SABC.

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