We have not – as usual – received any response from Mr Jonathan Thekiso, GE HR re our previous letter.
We have seeked legal advice on this issue, and it was confirmed your lunchtime is your own private time and you are entitled to do what you want during this time.
You are therefore entitled, and invited to participate in the peaceful demonstration at lunchtime.
The demonstration will be joined by Cosatu and other public groups opposed to retrenchments at the SABC.
The demonstration will be peaceful and not aimed at shutting down the SABC or interfere with its operations at all.
Please ensure that members do not sabotage or attempt to interrupt the operations of the SABC in any shape or form.
As no-one is safe or shielded from retrenchments it is imperative that as much as possible employees be there to show our disagreement with this inhumane process.
We are aware of so-called contingency plans made by the SABC to counter what Mr Thekiso calls a strike. We can assure the SABC and Mr Thekiso it’s not necessary to make any plans, as it’s not a strike.
Aluta continua!

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