In an attempt to avert a strike, and to settle the mutual interest dispute between BEMAWU and the SABC, the SABC has tabled the following offer:

  • A 4.5% ATB increase, back dated to October 2017.

The backdated monies to be paid as follows:

  • Backpay for October & November be paid in February and March 2018 respectively,
  • Backpay for December 2017, January, February and March 2018 be paid at the end of September 2018.

The deferred backpay is as a result of the cash flow problems the SABC finds itself in.


One thought on “SABC SALARY OFFER | 2017/18

  1. Good morning. I can agree with the 6% ATB back dated to 1 April 2017, but to be paid when? We can’t go for some months early next year and other months later next year. I feel that if they could afford the R3,9 million for the interim board, they surely can give us our backpay in one payment. It’s not our fault that the SABC is in financial trouble. The powers to be saw that the train was on the wrong track and no one tried to stop it. Lets stand together BEMAWU members!✊✊✊

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