What are your rights in term of the taking of leave? Can the SABC refuse your application for leave? Can you at any time put in leave and go on leave even if the SABC did not approve it?

The Basic Conditions of Employment, read with the SABC’s Leave Policy regulates the taking of leave. Your leave accumulates in leave cycles. Leave can be accrued in terms of the Leave Policy. So what are your rights in terms of taking of leave?

The SABC’s annual leave cycle ends on 31 December each year. Leave is accrued as follows:

  • Scale code 300 and above – 35 days per year (leave cycle)
  • Scale 401 and below – 28 days per year (leave cycle)

In terms of the Policy, an application for annual leave which has been submitted at least two weeks before the commencement of the leave, may not be refused.

Para 21 (c): “Employees should submit a written application for annual vocational leave at least two weeks before this leave commences, failing which such leave may be refused.”

This is the only condition for leave to be approved. If you therefore comply with the two weeks rule, you are entitled to go on leave.

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