BEMAWU today met with a delegation of the Board and Management to attempt to resolve the 10% wage demand.

Our expectation was, given the urgency of the matter, the Board would come with an offer as they discussed this and the pending strike in their three day meeting.  We were met by what appeared to be a semi hostile Board delegation which spent 20 minutes of the 1 hour meeting to try and lambaste BEMAWU  for sharing voice clips of the previous meeting with you, the members.

It was agreed to park that particular issue and get on with the businesses of the day.

The Board delegation was adamant they will not personally negotiate with BEMAWU, but merely wanted to inform us they want to reopen negotiations, and follow the normal process of putting together a management team to negotiate, securing a venue, bringing representatives from the Regions and restart, from scratch negotiations.

BEMAWU made it clear we will not agree to that process. We in fact informed the delegation we are past the stage of negotiations, and insisted mediation must take place tomorrow, (2 November 2017) where we obtain the services of a mediator, which we offered to pay for, should there be a cost involved. It was then agreed the SABC will make available a delegation, and so will BEMAWU to meet at 09:00 tomorrow (2 November 2017) and we will proceed, with or without a mediator to attempt to resolve the impasse.

We reported back to members and on behalf of management requested that the strike be suspended with one day to allow for the process to unfold. The members refused, and we reported that to Management. As we were concerned about the SABC, we proposed to management that we immediately (16:30) starts with mediation and negotiations to try and resolve the impasse, and that we continue through the night, if necessary. Management were unfazed by our plea for urgency. They insisted on tomorrow, at 09:00.

The strike is fully protected, and any employee or other trade union member may participate in the strike.

This strike is not only about a salary increase. The strike is also about unresolved grievances, unprocedural restructuring, abuse by management, unilateral change to shift rosters, unilateral change to terms and conritions of employment, abuse of staff in that freelancers are working for years now without any medical aid, pension ,leave, sick leave and other benefits. The strike is about the attitude of management in dealing with staff.

Most importantly, its about the future, and future treatment employees can expect from the SABC.

If the SABC is allowed to get away with a 0% increase, what is next?

  • Your 13th cheque?
  • The cancellation of their contribution to your medical aid? Will employees be able to then afford medical aid?
  • Taking away SABC contribution to your pension fund?
  • Another 0% next year?

Let us all withhold our labour, and make this strike as effective and short as possible.

We are the SABC!

We carried it, we continued to broadcast, we tried to upheld its integrity, its independence, its operations, its reputation, its well being  whilst being dismissed, victimised and intimidated by the previous political regime. We deserve respect.  We are not 5 year visitors, we are upstanding, professional men and woman, journalists, broadcasters, support staff, fathers, mothers, grandparents,  human beings…we deserve to be paid for our labour.   #WeAreSABC!

(Please note, our only official demand is a 10% increase. We are not adding demands like the unilateral restructuring  or anything else to the demands. These issues are principle, underlying issues)

Please use #WeAreSABC in all tweets!


  1. The strike is protected.
  2. All BEMAWU members, SABC staff, managers and other union members are entitled to participate.
  3. The strike starts at 06:00 tomorrow morning, 2 November 2017.
  4. Further communication will follow tomorrow.
  5. Join the applicable group hereunder.


Gauteng Strike Group

Mpumalanga Strike Group

Western Cape Strike Group

Northern Cape Strike Group

Tshwane Strike Group

Limpopo Strike Group

Freestate Strike Group

Eastern Cape Strike Group

KZN Strike Group

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