Meeting with SABC and delegation of Board confirmed for Wednesday.

We sincerely hope our demands will be met.

Letter from SABC:

Dear Sirs

We refer to the above matter and the meeting held on Thursday, 19 October 2017 with the Acting GCEO, Ms Nomsa Philiso (“AGCEO”) refers.

The AGCEO and the delegation of the SABC Board cordially invite you to attend a feedback meeting to be held as set out below.

The details of the meeting are as follows:-

Date            : 25 October 2017

Venue           : 28th Floor boardroom, Radio Park

Time            : 12h30 – 13h30

Your attendance at the meeting will be highly appreciated.



  1. Anonymous sabc Staff Member Western Cape RBF says:

    What happens when they say yet again they need to wait for the Bank Guarantee . We the workers have been waiting since April and have been operating last year’s salary after the price of food , rent , petrol, transport , electricity and very soon else has gone up. Most people in the regions have already been threatened that they could lose their jobs if they strike.
    The Western Cape SABC staff are under duress , Under staffed and not even getting the basics in some dept like coffee sugar tea while dept managers have the luxury of buying on petty cash nestle coffee for their machines for their offices which is not for staff.
    Another concern is how the HR managers in the Western Cape and Dept Managers are such great friends staff cannot approach HR when they have issues with their managers. personally i think HR in the regions should be outsourced, as the current situation cannot continue. We are currently forced to sit in Rediffusions as per the regional managers demands basically to listen to Group Sales and Marketing presentations about how they not making money to inflate their egos about how they missing out on bonuses.
    This is the current situation for the SABC WC. No BEE process in the Western Cape as only white people not even qualified get promoted and those brown or black all 3 of them are just token positions like building management but yet another dept manager instructs this person what to do….
    Brown and Black people in the WC barely go on training in the WC as managers do not want them to succeed and are threatened they will lose their jobs as they themselves are not educated , but have their positions in the SABC because they have been here for over 15-20 year while junior staff have the qualifications……
    It has taken a long time to finally write this letter as i am scared my name might be called out and consequences will follow for me loosing my job

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