What a waste of money (the SABC allegedly don’t have)!

Why would you want to pay someone to survey what you already know?

The morale is rock bottom. We have no board. We have a top structure unprocedurially appointed, and all acting. We have no vision, we have no leadership, we have no direction. We have no strategy.

We now have a Minister who wants to run the SABC operationally by interfering in the day-to-day running of the SABC. To extend the DOA’s of the unprocedurally appointed.

We have unprocedurally appointed managers at Sales who instead of motivating employees to sell more, wants to treat them like children and force them to become clock watchers.

Who in any event would want to put their money with a rudderless ship with no captain and demoralized sailors?

We have no governance structures. We are slipping deeper into the dark hole of insolvency. We seems to be the only ones caring about this, as there is no movement from Parliament.

Are politicians really prepared to destroy the SABC, our public broadcaster and more importantly, are we going to allow it?

What happened to the results of the previous surveys?

What happened to our salary increases?

Ke Nako… It’s time…

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