It is October. No salary increase. No Board. A bankrupt SABC.

We started with Salary Negotiations, and the SABC had 0% on offer. Organised Labour agreed to postpone negotiations until the Government Guarentee has been granted.  This seems to be delayed, for no apparent reason. There is no bail-out for now, SABC running in almost a R1b deficit.

So, what do we do?

Do we wait for the Government Guarantee, or do  we go on strike?

Please vote, to give us an indication of your preference. Should the general feeling be we should proceed with a strike, we will ensure proper and due process for a protected strike.



  1. Robyn Skinner says:

    Grow up. There is no money. Until the guarantee, there is no point in pushing for an increase.

  2. Thembekile Mabela says:

    We need to force the SABC to act. Corrupt people in some divisions are returning to work. Why should we suffer because of corrupt leadership?

  3. Eleanor says:

    Be Patient colleagues Lets wait for the money.
    Everybody knows there is no money, we are all waiting for Govt guarantee.
    Its unlike there is money and the company does not want to negotiate-there is no money so NO STRIKE lets WAIT.
    We can try and get Representatives to negotiate with Treasury instead and plead with them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    we need to force them they did take all the money and we must just work and keep quiet .sorry

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s to take action the next thing thier say no bonus after you being taxed the whole year

  6. Anony Must says:

    Government supported Hlaudi’s plunder of the SABC. Faith Muthambi was always standing by his false statements about the SABC not being broke. Now the SABC is broke and government is refusing to bail it out. Why does govt want to punish the innocent worker. The worker must now use his her only weapon: strike action

  7. Anonymous says:

    Its time to take action. SABC has renewed fixed term contractors with the benefits as of perm staff memebers how is this possible yet there is no money for increases!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    We need to strike to force Zuma to sign off the new board that has been approved by Parliament. His meddling is paralyzing the SABC and prolonging the chaos.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I really think that with the ANC conference coming in December, we should make it hard for them not to give us the money. We can easily shut down their conference by going on strike. We are tired of being used by the ANC and SABC Top Management.

  10. Eunice Horne says:

    Democracy!! Really a better life for all; very condescending from the Board/Government to be so inconsiderate to SABC Employees; ‘fat-cats’ (110/120 Scale) get wealthier and the gravy train gets thicker!! Appalled!!

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