The 13th Cheques of members are contractually safe. There is no way the SABC cannot pay the contractually agreed to 13th cheques of staff.

Here is the relavant part of the Policy


4.1. All eligible permanent employees on scale code 407 to 300 who have had unbroken service
between 01 January to 31 December of a particular year, qualify for a full annual bonus (13th
4.2. Employees who have completed less than twelve (12) months service will receive a pro
rata bonus (13th cheque).
4.3. No bonus will be paid to casual/temporary staff (900 contracts), interns, learners,
independent contractors and anyone who works part-time.
4.4. Annual bonus is based on the employee’s basic monthly salary of end November or the preceding
basic monthly salary of employee’s termination date.
4.5. The bonus is non-pensionable but fully taxable.
4.6. Employees who terminate their services during the year receive a pro rata bonus.
4.7. Bonuses are payable in the first week of December, and are paid into the bank accounts of
members of staff
4.8. Eligible Fixed Term Contract Employees on these scale codes will also qualify in terms of the
above criteria.
4.9. 13th cheques for employees who took more than 30 days of unpaid leave
during the year may be reduced proportionately.