BEMAWU condemns in the strongest terms the coward attacks of union leadership in a free and democratic South Africa.

We mourn the deaths and attacks in solidarity, comrades. A luta continua!


It is with absolute outrage and grief that we mark the killing of one of our members from Impala Platinum and the shooting of another AMCU shop-steward at Lonmin. Today, comrade, Mohahu Daniel Maseko was shot dead, riddled with 5 bullets and comrade Kwenene was attacked by two (2) assassins, one with a shot gun and another with a pistol; he has been rushed to hospital. Our prayers are with him as he battles for his life. Our grief is with the family and loved ones of comrade Maseko. We send our heartfelt condolences.

The painful journey begins to go to the mortuary identify our dead comrade, inform family and loved ones, prepare for the funeral. These acts of violence have to be condemned by all, not just the union leadership of which they belong.

The workers movement must unite against this campaign of violence which will eventually see the death of the entire labour movement. We must fight for peace amongst workers, regardless of language, colour, political or union affiliation. As AMCU we will not rest until this campaign of violence is defeated.

We again do not wish to speculate on the motive for the attempted murder of our comrade. The SAPS must investigate and bring the perpetrators to book. However, the world must know things are getting out of control. It seems to us that something more sinister is afoot.

This looks very much like the third force violence the Apartheid state unleashed on the democratic and workers movement during the negotiations for a political settlement.

We know through the testimony and settlement by the state with Thebe Maswabi, of the security forces involvement in destabilizing AMCU. Having failed to set up a rival union, having failed at reviving NUM and restoring their majority status – is targeting and killing our members their next move?

Is the aim to turn workers on workers – a new form of black-on-black violence to break the militancy of AMCU. We shall not be intimidated. We will unite mineworkers and mobilize in mass action to stop the killings and the violence.

Those that think AMCU can be defeated by these cowardly acts must think again. If it takes another five months strike, if it takes the bringing of the country to its knees to get the authorities to arrest the situation and for mine management to take the safety of the workers seriously – so be it. Those behind these acts are playing with fire. Be assured AMCU will not fold its arms in the face of this systematic onslaught against us.

An injury to one is an injury to all.

Yours in Social Justice

JV Mathunjwa
AMCU President

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