UPDATE – Salary Negotiations 20 July 2017

Dear Members,

We are shocked by the conduct of management and the Interim Board.

When we met with the Interim Board recently, and we complained about the SABC’s failure to start with Salary Negotiations, the Interim Board informed us they have given Management a mandate. Never was it discussed with us – when the opportunity was there – that the mandate was 0%. No courtesy call, no attempt to communicate, to engage, to soften the blow, nothing. In fact, quite to the contrary. Deception, by bringing together a team to “negotiate” creating expectations with a 0% budget!

We know the SABC has budgeted for a 7% increase. Yesterday we were told that budget has since been revised and reduced to 0%.

It seems patently unfair to punish employees who had absolutely nothing to do with the bad state the SABC finds itself in by not budgeting for a salary increase at all. At the same time paying everyone else but your loyal employees. It’s not us who looted the SABC’s financial resources. It’s not us who made foolish and extremely poor management decisions. It’s not us who caused the reputational damage to the SABC. And now they jumping ship in perfect timing, stuffed pockets to avoid the consequences, milking the SABC to the last second.

It is an extreme insult to offer employees a 0% increase.

The SABC is in financial trouble they say, but we still have the “fat cats” unprocedurally and irregularly appointed taking home hundreds of thousands rand per month, and the Interim Board is doing NOTHING to stop or REVERSE those decisions. The people responsible for purging staff who blew the whistle on the irregular conduct of some of the previous Board members and Executives are also still at the SABC – some on pension but still drawing lucrative salaries from the SABC. People fingered by the Public Protector who received irregular salary increases are still there, still receiving those salaries despite the acceptance by the SABC of the PP’s Report.

Freelancers received a 6.8% increase. Apparently it has been built into their contracts. Good for them, they have been abused for many years by the same management. However, permanent loyal employees who carried the SABC in good times and “stormy weather”, lowering their heads and just work, what do they get? Dololo! Nothing! Niks!

Labour will table its demands today: The mandate we received from members are as follows:

10% Increase

Collapse housing into Salary

R2500 housing

Increase in Meal Allowance (30%)

Group Life paid out at retirement (even if it’s only own contribution)

Collapse Travel Allowance for scale 401 and 300 into salary

Family Responsible Leave to be per child, instead of the number of days for all children.

A demand of a total cut down of HR General Managers and Management Consultants. It’s a very top heavy and costly structure.

Less executives, lower salaries.


CPI is 5.6%

Let’s be strong and united. The SABC has applied for a loan. They have not budgeted for a loss (apparently they are not allowed to budget for a loss, so it seems they have “cooked” the books to get to a positive, profit figure). The SABC is the biggest broadcaster in Africa, with the most viewers, and in the past, when it was properly managed by competent people, made showed huge surpluses. It can get there again. The people who caused reputational damage to the SABC are still around, still living in their two and three houses, driving their many luxury German cars and us, the worker, we must fight poverty!

We must not allow “guests” to disrespect us by attaching 0% value to the hard work and loyalty of permanent SABC staff.

Negotiations will continue, and the team will do its best to persuade the Interim Board otherwise.



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