Media release re the Appointment of Mr Motsoeneng as GE, Stakeholder Relations without advertising the position and the payment of the R11.4M bonus as reported in the media.



The Broadcasting, Electronic, Media & Allied Workers Union (BEMAWU) has noted the appointment of Mr Motsoeneng as Group Executive, Stakeholder Relations announced today.

  1. The position was not advertised, and therefore the SABC is in breach of its own recruitment Policy and the principles of equal opportunity for all and transparency.
  2. The appointment of Mr Motsoeneng without advertising the position is amongst others why the Public Protector found his previous appointment to be irrational and unlawful, which the High Court, the Supreme Court of Appeal and the SABC agreed to.
  3. For the Board to appoint him in the same manner in a different position amounts to constructive contempt of court, and is flagrant and contemptuous conduct towards our courts and judicial system.
  4. It shows no respect for court rulings and the findings of the Public Protector.
  5. All SABC vacancies must be advertised. As the Board confirmed, it will advertise the position of COO. If that position will be advertised, why not the GE, Stakeholder Relations?
  6. In respect of the bonus received by Mr Motsoeneng, as reported in the media.
  7. It can not be an employer/employee matter, as alleged by Mr Motsoeneng. He was not an employee at the time when the bonus was paid.
  8. By merely stating its an employer/employee matter, and therefore refusing to comment is clearly an admission (if there was any doubt whether Mr Motsoeneng received the bonus or not) that he received the bonus. Anyone who did not receive such a bonus would deny it outright and set the record straight.
  9. BEMAWU is in process of bringing an urgent application to freeze the account of Mr Motsoeneng, pending the outcome of an investigation to establish the legitimacy of the bonus paid, the process followed, the approval levels, and most importantly, the criteria used and applied to award this bonus. Should the investigation reveals the bonus was awarded improperly or for improper reasons, we will ask the Court to order that the money be paid back to the SABC.
  10. Our lawyers are in process to address a letter to the SABC demanding explanations failing we will proceed with legal action.

We are utterly disappointed in Parliament who has failed us, the employees, the viewers and the listeners by not stepping in when it became clear the SABC has lost track and is a fatal head-on collision course where only the employees and the public will be the losers.

We once again urge Parliament to step in an replace the Board with immediate effect.

Hannes du Buisson


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