Brief feedback from the meeting (detailed feedback will follow soon).

  1. BEMAWU’s understanding of the Salary Anomaly Phase 2 project and the SABC’s understanding fundamentally differed.
  2. We understood it to be an organisational wide process to bring all employees not on midpoint to midpoint. This is the feedback we expected.
  3. Instead we were met by a presentation in respect of Job Profiles, Job Families, grades, etc
  4. We insisted we want the employees not on mid point to be moved to midpoint.
  5. The SABC agreed if there are any members (excluding employees on development plans, ex-freelancers who has been converted to permanent and the 69 + 29 employees who are part of the technical review process (a process BEMAWU has never agreed to, but we await the outcome of same) who is not on midpoint at this point in time, those employees will be addressed as a matter of urgency.

We have received a number of submissions from members, who has used the midpoint checker and established they are not on midpoint. If you have checked your basic monthly salary via the midpoint checker and you are below midpoint, and you have not submitted your information, please do so as a matter of urgency.

According to management the midpoint process has started also for middle management.

We have been given the assurance the process of job profiling, career development and what goes with it is aimed at addressed the issue (in terms of equity) of members who have been with the SABC for many years. The process is also aimed at rewarding such employees by recognising seniority, years of service, expertise, etc.


23 September 2016


  1. Irene Smith says:

    i am a project administrator in tvob w/cape and have been struggling to be moved to a higher scale since 2013 due to all my extra functions performing in my division. i should not be compared with Jhb pa’s as they have more than one pa in there divisions.

  2. Dikgang Matlhaku says:

    SABC must not meddle with our leave days, even the way the they have changed how we supposed to sell our leave days is unfair. You sell your leave because you urgently need that money but no you have to wait for pay day to be given the money of the days a person has sold….please look into that issue Mr Pres.

  3. Ruby says:

    I was employed at the SABC from 1998 for the 18 years and 6 month have not had any increases because the annual. But other member of the staff ( boss pets) have they increase in the salary code every year and people that started after me are on a higher scale code.

  4. Johan Niemandt says:

    Dear Bemawu,

    Thank you for the opportunaty to give my concerns regarding the assessments. What I still cannot figure out is on what basis were the so-called assessors been choosed. As far as I know nobody of these assessors are accredited. If you are an assessor you have to be qualified in that specific field you are assessing. How is it that two people have all the knowledge on the different sections they are assessing while they have hardly worked as Technical Producers, Librarians or Technicians? It is unfair to expect that the qualifications will be the same. The older people with 35 years of experience might not have the neccessary qualifications but they sure have experience. In the early eighties there was no formal qualification in the Sound Technology field. The only courses available during those years was the courses that the SABC presented. The certificates we received were not linked to a formal qualification. By the way the courses was of a very high standard which was evident on air both Radio and Television. Unfortunately I cannot say the same of todays broadcasting. It lets one wonder.

    Kind Regards,


  5. As a member and part of RBF/BF/RBR; as the name/s indicate; we have allways been exploited/mistreated by management. So called “specialists”/”experts” has been coming and going; making waves & rocking the boat. The technical producers have allways been the “footsoldiers” of the Corporation. Without them SABC as such, would not be “on air” .We are the last one’s to be complimented or rewarded. But being “off air” blame is quickly shifted to the tech.producers; being it bad lines; poor power supply or remote venues with bad signal etc. Going on OB’s the venue is flooded with marketing & executive personnel, while you’ll find the lone technical producer doing the job & make the whole event a success.
    Regarding the assessment subject as far as the union is concerned; the technical guys should use it as a tool to make corporate management realize how essential tech. producers are to the Broadcast environment and bring their salary scales & perks up to standard with the opposition in the B/cast world. The corporation has already lost a lot a lot of expertise & craftsmanship to this effect.
    You can’t buy 20 – 10 years experience through diplomas/short courses. Qualifications can’t compete with physical experience on ground level.
    Unfortunately I must also state that; being involved in the B/cast world since the 70’s; things have changed a lot negatively. Though I have enjoyed every moment of it, having had the best of both analog and digital, and must say to all my colleagues in all the regions, thank you all, I will miss you. God Bless.
    Remember, the CEO’s/CFO’s/COO’s/PGM’s and overpaid executives will come & go, rock the boat and make waves; but the Tech. producers will still be there to put the Corporation “ON AIR”. Keep it up colleagues. Wake up, use your union & stand up for your rights to be recognized and duly rewarded.

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