16 August 2016

The Broadcasting, Electronic, Media & Allied Workers Union (BEMAWU) is very concerned and in fact shocked by the latest events happening at the Public Broadcaster.

Members today received an instruction that all International Travel must be approved by the Minister!

Has the SABC now being placed under Ministerial Management? Is this a vote of no confidence in the SABC Board and management of the SABC and is this an admission that something seriously is wrong with the management of the SABC?

Apart from the apparent vote on no-confidence in the Board and management of the SABC, the Minister can NEVER step into the shoes of management for various reasons – the most important one, corporate governance. Who is going to oversee the minister’s decisions? What is next? Will she take over procurement and make unilateral decisions? No Minister can ever get operationally involved in an entity such as the SABC or for that matter any public institution. Not even the Board is allowed to get operationally involved in the day-to-day running and management of the SABC.

We demand that this instruction be withdrawn with immediate effect, and that management be allowed to manage the SABC – this s what they getting paid for. If management and the Board is not competent to make such decisions, they must be replaced with immediate effect with a competent Board and Management.