Wage Gap/Salary Anomalies | Middle Management


We received this response from the GE: Human Resources (Acting)

Dear Hannes,

I hereby acknowledge receipt of your correspondence and promise to revert within five working days…..

Thanking you for your indulgence,

Mohlolo Lephaka

Group Executive (Acting)

Human Resources

Letter to Chief Executive – Human Resources, SABC

cc’d to General Manager, Employee Relations.

Dear Sir,

We address this letter to you on a without prejudice basis, in particular because we have addressed correspondence to the SABC in the same regard to which we have received no response to.

On or about 15 December 2011 the SABC entered into an agreement with middle management of the SABC, the relevant clause attached hereto.

To date the SABC has failed and/or refused to comply with this agreement, despite previous attempts from BEMAWU to address this issue on behalf of our members on Middle Management.

In a final attempt to avoid costly and unnecessary litigation in this respect, we hereby would like to seek answers and an undertaking from the SABC in the following respect:

1. Does the SABC have any intention to adhere to, and comply with this agreement, with specific reference to the existing wage gap inter alia between employees on the same scale?

2. If yes, when will this consultation take place with BEMAWU obo of our members on Middle Management?

3. We seek an undertaking that the unilaterally implemented Performance Management Policy for members on middle management be withdrawn with immediate effect, failing we will refer a dispute. (This does not impact in any way on the already declared dispute in respect of members not on middle management already filed)

4. When, if at all will consultation start in respect of the bonus structure for middle management?

We await your most urgent response.


Hannes du Buisson