The appointment of the Acting CFO at the SABC, Audrey Raphele is unprocedural and should be reversed with immediate effect.
Raphele has been appointed in an acting position from outside the SABC.  The SABC has never appointed an outsider in an acting position, as it is (supposed to be) only a temporary role. It has always appointed an internal person who, in terms of the Policy is supposed to return to his/her permanent position after the acting period of three months.By appointing an outsider not only amounts to fruitless and wasteful expenditure, but is seems to be a strong indication Aguma will not return to his position as CFO, but remain as the CEO (without advertising the position) – which will result in another unprocedural appointment.

It is of huge concern that the SABC Board, who is supposed to be the watchdog and oversee governance, proper procedures and compliance by the SABC with its own rules, regulations and policies are the very ones in constant breach of same. It raises a sincere and important question as to whether the Board is fit to continue with its duties to oversee governance and compliance at the SABC?

It does not make sense at all to appoint someone who has absolutely no knowledge of the SABC’s internal workings to act as CFO (if it was on a temporary basis only). How would the person be able to make important decisions? In the past the SABC appointed – without exception – the next senior person in that Department to act. The SABC in particular have policies – the Delegation of Authority Framework (DAF) and an Acting in higher grade Policy that prescribes exactly how  the SABC must deal with an acting position.

Raphele is from Magalies Water.

BEMAWU will challenge the unprocedural appointment.

Audrey Raphela (Photo: Linkedln)


Chief Financial Officer

Magalies Water

(4 years 9 months)

Assistant Executive Manager

National Housing Finance Corporation

(2 years 8 months)

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