In two (2) affidavits filed minutes before the deadline ordered by the Labour Court, blame is being shifted from pillar to post by two SABC managers in a frantic attempt to avoid being held responsible for the wasted Public Broadcaster’s money.

Sebolelo Ditlhakanyane, Head of Radio News said she never took any decision to fire the journalists  – Simon Tebele, the now illegally appointed Group Executive for SABC News and Current Affairs, took the decision and signed the dismissal letters on her behalf.

Here are some excerpt from their affidavits.

Sebolelo par 6

Tebele who has been described in a 2004 article by The Mail & Guardian as someone “whose credentials in news are a mystery to many” however shifts the blame to the then Acting Group Chief Executive,  Jimmy Matthews.

Ditlhakanyane in her statement said she tried to inform the initiator of the hearing, Simon Molaudzi, (former Education Manager and now personal confidante of  the COO) of the true facts that transpired.

Sebolelo par 19

Despite this, Molaudzi persisted with the hearing.

The disciplinary hearing was postponed, and replaced by so-called Schedule 8 Notices. Ditlhakanyane proceeded to sign and serve these notices she received from TEBELE on the journalists – despite her understanding of what really transpired and her attempt to inform the initiator of the true situation.

Sebolelo par 23

Sebolelo par 23_1

Sebolelo par 24_25

It is clear from her affidavit  Ditlhakanyane at no point in time did anything further to stop, avoid or distance herself from the dismissals.

She knew her name was on the letters, and it is clear from her affidavit that she would have personally signed it if she was in Johannesburg.

sebolelo par 28

sebolelo par 29

See full affidavit here Sebolelo Affidavit

In his affidavit, TEBELE is shifting the blame to MATTHEWS and external legal council.

tebele par 21

tebele par 22

tebele par 30

Tebele par 35

tebele digned

So the matter seems fairly simple.

  1.  Matthews should be approached to file an affidavit in reply to TEBELE.
  2.  Ditlhakanyane never refused, distanced herself or disagree with the Schedule 8 Notices and raised no objection that same carries her name. She then agreed with the dismissals and must pay back the money.
  3. TEBELE took the advice of external council. He had a choice. He could refuse to take that advice. He must pay back the money. He can then sue the external council for the bad advice they gave him. In any event, he states he has followed SABC Policy. That is untrue. The Policy is clear a disciplinary hearing MUST be held.

See full affidavit here Tebele Affidavit



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